Our olive oil

All of the olive oil we produce is made from olives of the Hojiblanca variety. The name of this olive derives from the colour of its leaves (hojas), the underside of which are white ( blancas). This variety is found in the Andalusian provinces of Cordoba, Malaga, Seville and Granada.

The properties of our olive oil

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is made from olives harvested early in the season and grown in our own olive groves. It has a slightly bitter taste with a subtle yet intense spiciness, and boasts an extremely balanced proportion of oleic acids and antioxidants.

In terms of its organoleptic qualities, our olive oil has hints of fresh grass, olive leaves, almond and artichoke, with just a dash of tomato and apple.

Although our olive oil is not especially susceptible to oxidation, we recommend that you store it away from sources of light.

This oil is recommended for making vegetable preserves, dressing salads, marinating meat and oily fish (such as sardines) and preparing intensely flavoured condiments (such as mayonnaise, aioli and vinaigrettes). It is also ideal for making cold soups, as a base for pasta sauces, or for sautéing.

The health benefits of consuming organic extra virgin olive oil

  • It helps prevent heart disease: the fatty acids present in olive oil, and the oleic acid in particular, help reduce the levels of  LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).
  • It aids digestion and reduces gastric acid secretion, thereby offering protection against gastrointestinal diseases.
  • It helps achieve a correct level of bone mineralisation and aids bone development in general.
  • It helps protect against cellular oxidative stress thanks to its high level of phenolic antioxidants and vitamin E content.
  • It contributes to a longer lifespan by reducing the number of deaths from heart disease and cancer.

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