Our company

ESCALERA ÁLVAREZ S.A.T. is a family firm. Although we are a relatively young company, we have many years of experience in this sector. We decided to launch our own brand, ENTRE CAMINOS, because we wanted to differentiate ourselves by offering a high quality product packaged in containers that stand out from the rest. That is why the materials we use are 100% recyclable. Our company’s philosophy is centred on environmental sustainability, which is why our products are organic.

We want our olive groves to be filled with life; a haven for the biodiversity of plant life and native fauna.  We believe we are on the right track, in view of the ever-increasing demand for healthy products that are free of chemicals. We also want to give visibility to the women who work in rural areas, as they have always been pushed into the background.  Last but not least, we want to emphasise that the wealth we create stays in the local area.

La Roda de Andalucía (Seville) SPAIN
Isabel: +34 654 102 750
Juan Francisco: +34 620 640 325